The IT departments of almost every company are faced with almost unsolvable tasks. On the one hand, there is tremendous cost pressure, IT is a cost factor that should be kept as low as possible. On the other hand, IT is seen as a business enabler that should enable new business models. In many cases, the expectation is that both, often contradictory, goals must be achieved with the same or a reduced team.

In order to achieve this, all possibilities must be used to automate recurring tasks, standard tasks or other simple activities, or to standardise and make them plannable (time and effort) through the use of workflows.

For this purpose, a multitude of solutions have emerged on the market that have taken on this task. The offerings range from simple, specialised solutions for a defined problem (e.g. ticketing) to complex platform solutions that can be adapted and used as generic platforms for a variety of business problems.

The latter platforms in particular can offer enormous synergy potentials through the storage and networking of company data in a jointly usable environment and allow companies that often operate in silos to act more efficiently and in a more integrated manner.

One of the major players in this market segment is the company ServiceNow, which has made a name for itself through a flexible platform with many expansion options and, in addition to solutions for general corporate areas such as IT, HR, Customer Service, Finance and Risk & Compliance, now also offers sector-specific solutions, e.g. for telecommunications providers.

Due to the versatility and the enormous potential that such a platform offers, it is essential to set it up and use it in the most targeted and future-oriented way possible, and in a flexible manner. In order to achieve the greatest possible success, one should rely on existing experiences and best practices and thus use the possible potentials without losing time and money.

This is where my consultancy comes in: I would like to help you and your business to introduce, expand or operate ServiceNow as a platform quickly and smoothly in your company. 

On the following pages you can see exactly how this works and what I can help you with.

Platform Rollout
Rolling out ServiceNow as an Enterprise Service Management platform.
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Optimise Usage
Get the most out of the platform.
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Create Value
Create real and tangible value with the platform
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